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MITH 20 – Hospitality Management & CHIA Certification

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1-year Master Degree in International Tourism and Hospitality (MITH) 2023-2024


Hospitality Management + CHIA Certification

Luciano Scauri


The purpose of the course is to locate and evaluate the Productivity Enhancement methods and tools applicable in contemporary Hotel Management Processes.
Design Methodology Approach
The course is designed to involve the students in understanding optimization opportunities both looking at reports and relevant figures while focusing on key indicators and operational processes with impact on revenue and costs.
Students will be able to understand and locate the key revenue & margin optimization levers both looking at operational processes and key figure analysis tool.
Practical Implication
Students will be asked to exercise on project works and analyze real case histories made available by the teacher
Originality & Value
Students will be involved and asked to give their view and strategy on real business case and possibly see the outcome of recommendation.




Day One – Tuesday February 20th 2022 – Luciano Scauri – 4 Hours 9:00 – 13:00

● Opening Speech
● Referral to product definition & Satisfaction of basic needs (Maslow & Evolution)
● CHIA – 1. Hotel Industry Analytical Foundations
● CHIA – 2. Hotel Math Fundamentals
● Assignment

Day Two – Tuesday February 27th – Luciano Scauri – 4 Hours 9:00 – 13:00

● CHIA – 3. Property Level Benchmarking
● CHIA – 4. Hotel Industry Performance Reports
● Assignment

Day Three – Tuesday March 3rd – Luciano Scauri – 4 Hours 9:00 – 13:00

● 1. Different Types Of Hospitality Based on different needs and purpose of travel
● 2. Additional KPI & Analytics Classification Based on different Metrics Stars, Reputation Analysis, Rate level
● 3. The Acquisition Processes & The Audit Process Key Performance indicators and Values to account for as a staring and leading guide
● 4. The Business Plan Main Indicators & metrics involved and cost revenue ratio Exercise on building a Business plan
● 5. Revenue, Cost & Processes As Main Optimization Levers involving Human Resources, Processes, Technology, Concept, Marketing, Distribution, Organization, Marketing Area
● 6. The Planning Process Setting Goal and Objectives according to forecast & budget, Setting the Key Operation Standard, Evaluation Key Standard impact con Cost, Labor, Guest perception of service, reputation, ADR

Day Four – Tuesday Monday March 12th Luciano Scauri – 4 Hours 9:00 – 13:00

● 7. Operation Area Key requirement prior to establish a Manning Guide, Involvement in product and concept determination Demand Management, Operational Processes (centralization or Distribution) Front Office, Reservation, Housekeeping Management, Maintenance Management, Sales, Marketing, Revenue Strategy Purchasing, Outsourcing Processes, Food & Beverage Outlets, Other Outlets
● 8. Management Control Internal KPI, Introduction to Hotel Industry Analytics, Definition, Creation, Math. Market KPI, Definition, Creation, Math Reference Values for Rent, Food Cost, Labor, Utilities, Concept of ROI

Day Five – Tuesday MArch 19th – Luciano Scauri – 4 Hours 9:00 – 13:00

● 9. Market Analysis & Competitor Rate Analysis Use of rate Shopper (OTA Insight & HQ Plus) Reputation Management Tool TRUST SCORE, define a Competitor set
● 10. Technology The importance of technology in optimization processes. Analysis of the relevant tools used in key revenue maker department and their involvement. Contemporary PMS, RMS, CRS, Reputation Management, Guest Rooms Booking Engine, Meeting Rooms Booking Engine, Channel Manager, Shopper, Market Demand, Reservation Tools, Benchmark, WI FI Access
● 11. Basic Rate Strategies & Positioning Define and understand the 4 basic rate positioning. Develop a strategy based on a assigned hotel in a specific Domestic market using a rate shopper tool. (Access provided by Teacher).
● 12. Additional Test Exercise and Review Review and preparation for final test.

Day Six – Tuesday March 26th – Luciano Scauri – 4 Hours 9:00 – 13:00

13. Final Online Test PC Access Required. Online test on Class Marker, Subscription Required, No Tablets. As far as IULM exam is concerned, at the time the forecasted time allowed is 2 hours and you will be taking
• CHIA test (90 questions)
• 3 or 4 Hospitality Management Exercises, questions & strategic issues.

Compulsory materials:
• Class notes.
• Official documents
• Personal Computer or MAC
• Excel Literate
• No tablets

Further readings:
• USALI – Uniform System Of Accounts for The Lodging Industry – HFTP AHL

Internazionale, imprenditoriale, multiculturale, interamente in inglese: il Master Universitario di primo livello in International Tourism and Hospitality (MITH) ti permette di acquisire le competenze indispensabili per affrontare i nuovi scenari del settore turistico. Grazie ad un percorso didattico innovativo e coinvolgente, una faculty di docenti di fama internazionale e senior manager delle principali aziende del settore, MITH ti consente di mettere in gioco il tuo talento e ti aiuta ad accelerare la tua carriera in un settore in grande trasformazione.


20 Feb 2024


09:00 - 13:00

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IULM Milano
IULM Milano


IULM - International University Of Languages and Media
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  • Luciano Scauri
    Luciano Scauri
    Owner – SKL International Consulting

    Luciano Scauri vanta esperienze internazionali con grandi gruppi come Four Seasons, Hilton, Boscolo Hotels, Cigahotels, Starwood, e case di indiscusso prestigio come l’Hotel Ritz di Parigi e l’Hotel De Paris a Montecarlo e Alberghi storici come l’Hotel Dei Cavalieri di Milano. Più recentemente anche diverse piccole compagnie Alberghiere Locali, si sono aggiunte al portfolio. Al suo attivo ha diverse aperture di alberghi e si è specializzato nell’ area del Revenue Management disciplina per la quale tiene conferenze a livello nazionale all’ interno delle manifestazioni di settore e Master in ambito universitario a Università di Bologna BBS, Università di Pisa, Università Suor Orsola Benincasa Napoli, IULM MIlano. Docente referente presso la IATH International Academy of Tourism & Hospitality.

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