4/8 maggio 2015



Elective Course Revenue Management

4/8 Maggio, IULM Milano.

Codocenza con Alexandro Della Croce ( Starwood )

This elective provides you with in-depth training in the most critical revenue management strategies immediately applicable on the job.

Course is organized around relevant case studies and interactive exercises, giving you the experience needed to translate theory into practice and to make a lasting impact at your future organization.

Basically, revenue management is about understanding, anticipating and influencing customer behaviour, with the goal of increasing revenues and optimizing profits by making use of 3 strategic levers:

  • price
  • time
  • space

Given the complexity of technology and distribution, revenue management is now a strategic asset for any tourist company. It continues to evolve with the market paying more attention than ever to Social Media and the correlation between pricing and Reputation Management.

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